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      Regional sales manager

      description of job:

      Work location: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan; Shanghai Number of people: 2

      1. With independent sales team experience, we can formulate and adjust sales strategies according to the company's development needs and lead the team to complete sales tasks;

      2. Have independent development and promotion experience in the industry, develop new industries and dig deep into known industry sales opportunities;

      3. Establish and manage the sales team, responsible for the regional sales operations, including planning, organization, schedule control and review, to achieve the sales goals;

      4. Responsible for the daily management of the area and the management, guidance, training and performance evaluation of the staff;

      5. Always adhere to the customer demand-oriented and integrate the company's resources to provide customers with competitive solutions.

      Job Requirements:

      1. Electrical automation, mechanical automation, computer, physics and other related majors, college degree or above;

      2. Familiar with the principles of PLC, motion control and servo system, and understand the application of electromechanical integration and bus servo scheme;

      3, character is decent, proactive, active and passionate, pay attention to the overall interests, have a good spirit of teamwork, a strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics;

      4. Excellent market analysis insight, excellent organizational and coordination skills and negotiation skills;

      5. Have certain management leadership and communication and coordination skills.

      6. More than 3 years of experience in large-scale customers or project-oriented sales in the field of industrial automation and motion control, more than 2 years of sales management experience;

      Salary: 30-50 million / year

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