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      Talent Center
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      1 Introduction:

      All-out, motivated employees are the most important asset of QiChuang. The company tilts these employees
      in terms of growth opportunities, remuneration packages, etc., so that the strivers receive timely and reasonable
      returns. We have established a dual qualification system, and employees can obtain personal career
      development channels from both management and professional aspects. At the same time, we provide our
      employees with training tailored to their needs and create opportunities for talent growth. In addition, we provide
      comprehensive employee protection, attach great importance to the harmony of employees' physical and menta
      health and internal organizational atmosphere, so that employees can gain recognition and recognition, and realize
      their own value while organizing success. QiChuang has a young and energetic professional technical and sales team with rich industry experience and professional technical knowledge. The high-level team provides customers with more professional and caring services.

      QiChuang Automation is headquartered in Foshan and has branches in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Shenzhen. The company's business is developing rapidly, and we invite the elites of the industry to create brilliance together!

      2. Training and development

      As a professional technical agency, our company pays great attention to all aspects of employee training. The company regularly holds technical, sales and management trainings; it also actively encourages and subsidizes outstanding employees to participate in the SE technical qualification examinations held by the manufacturers. Our company now has several SE primary and SE intermediate technical engineers.

      3. Salary and benefits

      The company's mission is to create benefits for customers, create value for employees, and create wealth for the society. Our company establishes stable and long-term cooperative labor relations, gives special consideration to outstanding key talents on the basis of reasonable salary distribution, mobilizes employees' enthusiasm and creativity, promotes employees to improve their technical level, improve work efficiency, and let employees show their own Ability to let employees reflect their value.

      4, rich staff spare life

      QiChuang pays special funds for employees to carry out a variety of amateur cultural and sports activities. We also encourage and guide employees to carry out various activities that are beneficial to the body and mind. The company recommends that employees actively participate in basketball, badminton, football, painting, dance, photography, etc. activity. “To a friend, to participate in an activity, to cultivate an interest”, we encourage and advocate employees to work, live a healthy life, and live happily.

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